The Renewable Energy Co-Financing Grant is a program that seeks to increase private private energy investment projects connected to the PLN network distributed by the MCA-Indonesia Green Prosperity Facility.

This grant is intended for Private Power Generators (PLS), Promoters / Sponsors of PLS, or entity groups that have commercial-scale renewable energy generation projects.



Documents related to this grant can be downloaded via the following link:




  1. PT Tombolo Energy
    PT Tombolo Energy's project aims to build a 2.4 MW mini hydro power plant for the Tombolo Pao community in Gowa, South Sulawesi. The project has been commercially operative, but requires additional investments to optimize electricity production. The MCA-Indonesia grant mitigates the risks of power generation operations, increases the availability of power plants, and conducts community development programs around the project area through profit sharing mechanisms.
  1. PT Sinar Agro Raya
    The project is located in the Sinar Agro Raya Palm Oil Factory. The 1 MW project is aimed at capturing the methane gas released from the Liquid Waste Water Treatment Plant by constructing a cover on the pond. The captured methane gas is then used as a gas engine fuel to generate electricity to be distributed by PT PLN to Pangkalan Kerinci residents, Rantau Baru / Sekijang Village, Pelawan District, Riau Province.
  1. PT Indomakmur Sawit Berjaya
    The project is located in Dusun Rambah Hilir, Rambah Village, Rokan Hulu District, Riau Province and is intended to generate electricity for the surrounding community to be flowed by PT PLN. The 1 MW project is designed to capture methane gas released by the Liquid Waste Water Treatment pond and use it as a gas engine fuel to generate electricity.
  1. PT Bahana Nusa Interindo
    The 1 MW project is also aimed at capturing methane gas from the Liquid Waste Water Treatment Plant of Palm Plant to produce electricity, especially for the people of Bangko Pusako Hamlet, Desa Kepenghuluan Bangko Sempurna, Rokan Hilir District, Riau Province. The project will be a pilot model in Indonesia under the Power Purchase Agreement under a Private Power Plant scheme.
  1. PT Selo Kencana Energy
    Lubuk Gadang mini hydro project managed by PT Selo Kencana is located in South Solok, West Sumatra Province. Although it has been commercially operated, the condition of the 8 MW power plant is not optimal. The MCA-Indonesia grant increases the availability and capacity of power plants to reach the minimum level required by the Power Purchase Agreement. Projects are useful for reducing power failures, increasing economic activity, and opening up new jobs.
  1. PT Citra Metro Biccon Energy
    The project to be built is the Biogas Power Plant as a source of electricity for the residents of Sungai Gelam, Petaling Jaya Village, Muaro Jambi District, Jambi Province. The 1 MW power plant will capture methane gas from the Liquid Waste Management Pool of the Palm Oil Factory to generate electricity to be distributed to the community by PT PLN. The plant is located in PT Biccon Agro Makmur Palm Oil Plant.
  1. PT Sumber Daya Investasi
    Koko Babak's mini-hydro project, carried by PT Sumber Daya Investasi, is located in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The 0.9 MW power plant is targeted to operate by 2015, but has failed due to flood waterway damage. The MCA-Indonesia grant is useful to ensure continuity of the project. The project owner will create a program to help women and the poor grow crops.
  1. PT Sumber Daya Investasi
    Koko Kumbi mini hydro power plant is currently under construction when the floods hit and triggered the damage. The 1.3 MW project is located in West Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Province. The MCA-Indonesia grant helps program implementers renovate the plant to achieve its commercial operation target. The availability of electricity will improve the security and comfort of the local community.