To support low carbon economic growth, the Green Prosperity Project has distributed the following grants:

  1. Sustainable Cocoa Partnership Grant

It aims to support the development of a sustainable cocoa industry in Indonesia and improve smallholder incomes where both smallholders and processors benefit equitably.


  1. Green Prosperity Partnership Grant

This grant strives to trigger greater investment from the private sector in improving land governance, resource management and renewable development to improve people's access to clean energy.


  1. Community-Based Natural Resources Management Grant

This grant focuses on focus on ensuring that local NGOs, community groups, women organizations, and other civil society organizations can participate and benefit from investment of Green Prosperity Project.


  1. Renewable Energy Grant for Community

It strives to support the design, development, building and operations of off-grid community-based renewable energy projects.


  1. Renewable Energy Co-Financing Grant

This grant seeks to increase private energy investment projects connected to the PLN network.


  1. Green Knowledge Grant

It invests on projects that improve the skills and capacity of the workforce, the provision of technical assistance, the collection and dissemination of knowledge in one or more areas of the Prosperity Green Project such as renewable energy, natural resource management and sustainable commodities.

Please click the link above for details about each grant.