Procurement Personnel: Key to the Successful Modernization of Procurement


Posted : February 2, 2018

(Mataram) February 2, 2018 - Since 2014, the Procurement Modernization Project led by the National Public Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP) together with Millennium Challenge Account Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) has enhanced the capacity of professional Procurement Services (ULP). The Project strives for ULP institutions to be consistent and to provide a clear career path for professionals. It also encourages an effective, efficient and transparent procurement process carried out using the most up-to-date hardware and software.

Procurement professionals are key to the modernization of government procurement; they are responsible for an accountable procurement process.

To date, 523 ULP professionals have completed the procurement modernization training. During the past three years they have spent more than 336 hours learning the technical and managerial skills necessary for successful government procurement. With the acquisition of these skills, they are expected to work with an ever-increasing professionalism and competence that is now performance-oriented. A graduation event marking the end of training was officially launched today at Aruna Hotel, Senggigi, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) with the presence of representatives from LKPP, MCC and MCA-Indonesia.

"The effort to build human resource capacity is in line with LKPP's mission to reform procurement, especially in organization and institutional sectors. Later, these procurement 'graduates' will work and have a full-time career at ULP, so our aim to increase the professional competence of procurers will continue to be achieved," said Dharma Nursani, LKPP’s Deputy of Development and Human Resources Development.

Over four years, the Procurement Modernization Project has implemented a Technical Skills and Procurement Managerial Program that has had over 1,000 procurement professionals and non-ULP personnel (such as auditors) as participants. The project has also assisted 44 ULP pilots, who are expected to continue achieving the procurement modernization objectives. The ULP Pilot has the capacity to conduct consultation, mentoring, and training clinics for procurement professionals in their own ULP and at local Regional Work Units (SKPD). It is also expected to expand essential coverage to other areas.

According to Deputy Executive Director of MCA-Indonesia, Lukas Adhyakso, the training graduates are now procurement professionals who are qualified and ready to become the bearers of Indonesia’s modernization procurement agenda. "They are expected to apply their competence in the field of procurement of goods and services, continue to learn, and uphold integrity and professionalism in their line of work to cause meaningful change in Indonesia," he said.

To accelerate reform and transformation, the project is focused on increasing the economic efficiency of the procurement of goods and services, thus saving the state money and improving the quality of services for the community. Overall, procurement modernization is expected to contribute to an increase of economic growth and therefore the alleviation of poverty.

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