BRG Partners with MCA-Indonesia to Restore Peatland


Posted : March 6, 2017

(Jakarta) March 6, 2017 – The Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) and Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia (MCA-Indonesia) today have signed an Implementing Entity Agreement. The Government of Indonesia established BRG to manage Indonesia’s peatland, which is a national priority and an important issue at the global level. Meanwhile MCA-Indonesia, as the implementer of Compact Grants from the Millennium Challenge Corporation, also implements an integrated approach of peat conservation, which supports the BRG’s mission. This cooperation, valued at up to Rp. 53.4 billion (US $ 4 million) from MCA-Indonesia, aims to support the BRG in achieving its targets.

"This cooperation aims to support the institutional strengthening of regional Peatland Restoration Teams and to contribute to the peatland restoration construction activities," said Head of BRG, Nazir Foead.

BRG will benefit from MCA-Indonesia’s assistance in a number of activities, including capacity building of central and regional Peatland Restoration Teams, development of a knowledge portal on peatland, support for research related to restoration and management of peat, as well as development of a water table and vegetation monitoring system that comes along with hardware and software support. BRG will also utilize a map of peatlands prepared by MCA-Indonesia, containing the biophysical, social, legal, and administrative information of Muaro Jambi and Tanjung Jabung Timur (Jambi), and Kubu Raya (West Kalimantan).


Additionally, the BRG will be involved in technical support for peatland canal blocking in Pulang Pisau (Central Kalimantan), Ogan Komering Ilir (South Sumatra), and Kubu Raya (West Kalimantan), as well as lessons learned and best practices from the implementation of the Peat Care Village program and in MCA-Indonesia Green Prosperity Project’s model for an integrated approach in peatland conservation that involves communities.

"BRG is a government agency that has the mandate to restore Indonesia’s peatland, while MCA-Indonesia is also implementing projects related to peat. We hope this technical assistance will provide a model for an integrated management of peatland, which can support BRG’s work plan," said Executive Director of MCA-Indonesia, Bonaria Siahaan.

It is worth noting that a number of MCA-Indonesia grantees are currently developing the Green Knowledge Management Information System, which collects lessons learned from low-carbon development strategies, including from the implementation of the MCA-Indonesia Green Prosperity Project. In time, BRG will support the Peatland Portal, which is a feature within the information system.

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