BPSDMD NTB Launches Procurement Training Program


Posted : February 2, 2018

(Mataram) February 2nd, 2018 - The West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Human Resource Development Agency (BPSDMD NTB) has today launched the Public Procurement (PBJ) Training Program in cooperation with the National Public Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP) and Millennium Challenge Account - Indonesia (MCA- Indonesia).

The PBJ Training Program is a follow up of LKPP and MCA-Indonesia’s Procurement Modernization Project, which has been implemented since 2014 to accelerate procurement reform in Indonesia. This project has run series of professionalizing trainings for 523 procurement personnel in 44 Procurement Service Units (ULP) throughout Indonesia.

The PBJ Training Program is designed to make procurement human resources more professional, transparent and accountable. Target participants are procurement professionals in ULP and local government agencies.

Prior to the program, BPSDMD NTB Province had conducted regular procurement training. However, the training was limited only to the regulatory aspects of procurement. Now the PBJ Training Program will equip participants with technical and managerial skills in public procurement at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The training topics include both straightforward and complex procurement principles, auction acceptance and evaluation, risk analysis, and contract management. PBJ training can make procurement personnel more skilled, ensuring better development in the regional level.

Deputy Executive Director of MCA-Indonesia, Lukas Adhyakso, hopes BPSDMD NTB will be an exemplary Training Center of Excellence in Indonesia, which will encourage more capable procurement professionals who will sustain procurement reform agenda in Indonesia. 

“The training is expected to create positive change within public procurement. Then, procurement will be more efficient and of higher quality for the people. This means that people's welfare and the Indonesian economy will benefit,” Lukas said.

According to H. Rusman, the Head of BPSDMD NTB, “BPSDMD’s role is to prepare training seminars that meet the aims of procurement modernization, with competent trainers who can enable better service and more professional personnel.”

The training is expected to become one of the flagship programs of BPSDMD NTB Province, attracting many participants from eastern Indonesia.

The Procurement Modernization Project is designed to accelerate reform and transformation in public procurement. The project aims on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of procurement, thus saving the state budget and improving the quality of services for the community. Overall, procurement modernization is expected to contribute to an increase of economic growth and therefore the alleviation of poverty.

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