Providing Electricity for the People


Posted : March 30, 2017

Jakarta - Soon, more citizens will enjoy a more stable and environmentally friendly electricity, since MCA-Indonesia has signed Renewable Energy Grants for Community agreements along with four grantees in February-March 2017. The grantees are PT Sky Energy Indonesia, PT Akuo Energy Indonesia, PT Charta Putra Indonesia, and Anekatek Consortium

This grant aims to accelerate access to electricity in rural communities and remote areas through the construction of renewable energy power plants and electric power grid. The facilities will be owned, maintained and operated by the community-owned management institution in cooperation with the private sector to provide electric for consumption and productive economic activities of local communities.

"This is a model of cooperation that we have been waiting for, as private investors and the public are important actors in renewable energy projects," said MCA-Indonesia Executive Director, Bonaria Siahaan, in the first signing ceremony, February 10th, 2017.

MCA-Indonesia’s studies found that plenty renewable energy projects could not be successful because they had not involved local communities in its planning, maintenance, and utilization. As a result, after construction, power generation facilities had been slowly damaged and not functioning well. MCA-Indonesia hopes its participatory model will enable the power plant to provide maximum benefits to the communities. Thus, local economic development can be sustainably supported and continue to improve.

"We hope this model can be successful and sustainable, since Bappenas is looking for the best models of renewable energy cooperation that can be replicated by utilizing state budget," said Hari Kristijo, Satker MCC Bappenas Commitment Making Officer. "This electricity will be very useful for the community, and can create jobs and new business."

Sky Energy will build solar photovoltaic power plants with total capacity of 598 kWp in Karampuang Island, Mamuju, West Sulawesi. The plants will supply power to 3,317 people in 784 households, which previously only received intermittent electricity from 150 kW diesel generators.

Director of Sky Energy, Hengky Loa, was optimistic the project would be completed and operational very soon. "We set the target on Independence Day, August 17th, 2017, when Karampuang residents can enjoy electricity from renewable energy," he said.

Meanwhile, PT Akuo Energy Indonesia will build a 1.2 MW solar photovoltaic power plants in Berau, East Kalimantan, particularly in the villages of Merabu, Long Beliu, and Teluk Sumbang. Akuo will also refurbish a 30 kW micro hydro power plant. The power plants are expected to commence operations in December 2017 and will illuminate 463 households.

Akuo Energy's Executive Director, Christophe Jean Paul Moyon, said that the power plant would be reliable and easy to maintain. With enough training, local communities are expected to operate and uphold the facility, so that electricity supplied will be more sustainable.

Charta Putra's 700 kW biomass power plant in Mentawai, West Sumatra, will supply electricity to 1,200 households and 35 local businesses in villages of Madobag, Matotonan and Saliguma. The project, that will use bamboo as the source of electricity, is scheduled to operate starting in February 2018.

In the meantime, Anekatek Consortium will construct solar PV power plant to lighten up 909 households in five villages in East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. With total installed capacity of 492 kWp, Anekatek uses innovative design involving distribution utilities poles with solar-PV panels installed on top of these poles, which significantly reduce land requirement. To make it easier for the users, its prepaid system is connected to cellular phones.

The power plants built by these four grantees will also illuminate public facilities such as schools, health centers, village office and street lighting. (Bunga Manggiasih/MCA-Indonesia)