Launch of Procurement Modernization Forum and Champions


Posted : December 29, 2017

Jakarta - The Procurement Modernization Project of MCA-Indonesia has launched the Procurement Modernization Forum and inaugurated Procurement Champions representing 44 Procurement Services Unit (PSU) from across Indonesia. The online Procurement Modernization Forum, the first of its kind in Indonesia, will serve as an online discussion and knowledge-sharing platform that connects hundreds of procurement practitioners across the country. More than 100 Procurement Champions from national and sub-national government agencies and university attended the event on 19 December 2017.

“Professional procurement workforce is central to achieve the overall objective of procurement modernization in Indonesia and ensure the sustainability of the project. Today, we are witnessing the result of our collaborative hard work in advancing the capacity, confidence, and network of Procurement Champions in Indonesia. We hope the spirit of procurement reform will be further disseminated in their respective regions,” said Firman Dharmawan, MCA-Indonesia Procurement Modernization Director.

In partnership with the National Public Procurement Agency (LKPP), MC-Indonesia has trained a core group of over 500 procurement practitioners, auditors and project managers in technical procurement skills, managerial capability and institutional development. Procurement Champions are trained procurement practitioners who have mastered all aspects of modernized procurement. The characteristics of Procurement Champions are professional, competent, independent, working full time and result-oriented in order to achieve  their respective organization’s objectives.

Following this event, a series of implementation workshops will be held to ensure Procurement Champions and 23 Procurement Modernization Forum Administrators are technically competent to manage online procurement clinic.

LKPP Director of Competence Training Suharti commends the Procurement Champions as the pioneers and catalyst to help LKPP expedite procurement reform in Indonesia. In the near future, she envisions the online Procurement Forum will facilitate knowledge dissemination to other PSUs in Indonesia that have not been involved in MCA-Indonesia’s project.

Way Forward

At the event, the Procurement Champions shared their innovations to contribute to the sustainability of procurement modernization efforts in their respective areas.

To overcome the lack of funding, Ferdi Firmansyah, a procurement official from Banjar District, South Kalimantan Province initiated ‘Café to Café Procurement Clinic’, a bi-weekly skill-sharing session between procurement practitioners and local government officials. “We don’t have to rely on big budgets to disseminate procurement knowledge. In the café, people can discuss procurement issues more openly in an informal setting. Motivated by their own interest to improve procurement handling, the participants are willing to pay on their own to attend the sessions,” said Ferdi who actively promotes the clinic through the ‘South Kalimantan Procurement Forum’ on Facebook.

Matias Benoni Mano, Head of Procurement Department in Jayapura City, Papua focuses on regeneration of new procurement workforce in his area. In the short term, he will recruit more full-time staff at the PSU while preparing a long-term mentoring program for 29 PSUs in Papua Province and 15 PSUs in West Papua Province. “Papua is such a vast region, therefore the online Procurement Forum is very useful to reach  many PSUs and facilitate long-distance discussions and consultations on procurement,” said Matias.

The Procurement Modernization Forum website is  The forum is specifically developed for procurement practitioners but anyone with interest in procurement can also access the website. (Intan Febriani/MCA-Indonesia)