The policy and procedures for Grievance Mechanism (GM) has been established by MCA-Indonesia in order to reduce the risk of adverse impact and grievances. This policy aims to assist involved parties in resolving grievances that may arise from MCA-Indonesia programs and activities. The principles of the MCA-Indonesia policy on GM are: Confidential, Proportional, Transparent and Participatory, Accountable, Culturally Appropriate, Easy, Fast and Accurate, as well as Recorded.

Only grievances related to MCA-Indonesia as an institution and its direct program management activities related to the Green Prosperity (GP), Community-based Health and Nutrition to Reduce Stunting (CHN), and the Procurement Modernization (PM) Projects will be eligible for consideration under this GMP. For grievances related to Green Prosperity activities i.e. the Participatory Land Use Planning (PLUP), Technical Assistance and Project Preparation (TAPP), GP Facility (selection process, grant associated TAPP and full grants), and Green Knowledge (GK), should be registered through its respective channel e.g. the Grant Administration Support Team (GAST), Grant Program Managers (GPMs), or directly to the GP Investments (Grantees/Projects)/Contractors. Grievances or bid challenges related to MCA-Indonesia procurement process should be directed to the Procurement Agent.

Grievances can be brought forward by any party to the attention of the Grievance Registry Unit (GRU), who will register the grievance(s). Grievances and grievance information can be officially submitted and registered through email, and in the future through web-based registration, to ensure confidentiality of the grievance. Other channels of submission such as letters, text messages/SMSs, or through verbal/phone submissions may be rejected as official grievances or asked to be channeled through email. In registering a grievance, the complainant must fill and attach the grievance form as a part of the registry process. Registered grievances that merit a grievance resolution follow up will be assigned to a Grievance Mechanism Committee (GMC) who will review the grievance and recommend the follow-up procedures through a Grievance Resolution Plan.

All grievances must be addressed to the following email address:

The grievance form is available here: Grievance Form