The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) formed the MCC Grant Management Task Force (Satker) as a show of commitment by the Government of Indonesia to ensure the successful implementation of the Compact Program. Satker aims to accelerate and support the achievements of MCA-Indonesia, and to make sure that the Compact Grant is managed in a serious, accountable, and transparent way.

Formed in 2012, Satker prepared the Compact Program before the Program Implementing Unit of MCA-Indonesia was established. After MCA-Indonesia was formally established on 2 April 2013, Satker continues to provide management oversight role as the Supporting Unit of the Proxy of Budget User. The legal basis of Satker is based on Finance Minister Regulation No. 124/2012, National Development Planning Minister/Bappenas Head Regulation No. 2/2012, and Government Regulation No. 45/2013.

Satker plays important roles in various stages of Compact activities, from preparation, implementation, to the closing out phases. The details of these roles are as follows:

  1. Preparation phase
    • Prepare regulations for the legal establishment of MCA-Indonesia;
    • Support the establishment of MCA-Indonesia as the Trustee Institution and the establishment of the Board of Trustees;
    • Recruit ten MCA-Indonesia key personnel, including the Executive Director and the Board of Directors; and
    • Conduct tenders based on goods/services procurement regulations.
  1. Implementation phase
    • Administer the Compact Grant;
    • Conduct tax reimbursement process, because the grant agreement requires that Compact activities are tax exempt;
    • Coordinate institutions and local government agencies to support the Compact Program implementation;
    • Monitor and evaluate the Compact Program implementation; and
    • Publish the Compact magazine.
  1. Close-out phase
    • Prepare MCA-Indonesia institutional transition after the end of the program in 2018, such as by analyzing the Trustee Institution to ensure sustainability of the management model; and
    • Administer MCA-Indonesia asset transfer.